Biden’s wishful thinking vs. Iran’s trail of terror and deceit

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Despite what some Iranian leaders say to the gullible West, denying their intention to build nuclear weapons, Tehran’s pursuit of weapons-grade fissile material and the development of ballistic missiles to potentially deliver a nuclear warhead continues unimpeded.

Though it is obvious to anyone paying the least bit of attention, The Wall Street Journal reports the Biden administration is ‘pressing European allies to back off plans to rebuke Iran for advances in its nuclear program….’ And not just its nuclear program, but seemingly anything else Iran does on its own and through proxies to pursue its stated goal of destroying Israel and killing Jews.

What could possibly be the administration’s motive in urging Europe to do nothing about Iran? It doesn’t seem difficult to conclude this may be about the fall election. 

President Biden, who is losing his grip on the traditional Democratic voting bloc of Black voters and young people, apparently doesn’t want to make things worse by doing anything that could turn Muslim voters against him, especially in Michigan, which has a large Muslim population.

It only matters what Iran does, not what it says for Western consumption. Some of its leaders say weapons of mass destruction are against the Koran, but then the Koran also gives permission to Muslims to lie to ‘infidels’ in pursuit of their goal of Islam dominating the world, by force if necessary,

Fereydoun Abbasi previously headed Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. In a report last week by the website Iran International Newsroom, Abbasi said: ‘If a nation possesses superior air power and poses a threat to us, we will reciprocate with a corresponding threat. Our adversaries are well aware of our capability to launch satellites. This proficiency underscores the high standards of a nation capable of placing satellites into specific orbits.’ 

Abbasi claimed Iran does not believe in weapons of mass destruction, but can’t allow those who have weapons to ‘misuse their power.’

That is an Alice in Wonderland statement which could mean only what Iranian leaders want it to mean.

As mentioned by many sober and realistic leaders of the past and even present, wishful thinking gets you nothing except the likelihood of more terrorism and war. History has proven that weakness almost always invites aggression while strength deters it. Only fools believe otherwise and the world is full of fools.

In what appears to be a cynical ploy to save his presidency for a second term, Biden is again projecting weakness and asking our European allies to do the same. If any disgraceful behavior exists in Washington these days this would make a top five list.

European diplomats, reports the Journal, ‘have warned that failure to take action would undermine the authority of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which polices nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.’ 

Last September, The Associated Press reported that ‘Rafael Mariano Grossi, the head of the IAEA, said Iran had withdrawn the designation of ‘several experienced Agency inspectors,’ barring them from taking part in the monitoring of its program.’

Added to all of Iran’s other broken promises and lies about its nuclear program, this should convince everyone of Iran’s intentions, but apparently not the Biden administration. Unfortunately, 2024 politics appear more important than Iran’s almost certain pursuit of a nuclear bomb and the missile capability to deliver it by the world’s top promoter of terrorism.


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